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Birthday Party Group Games

- The Best Game - This game showcases hidden and incredibly random talents and skills. Fun group game, especially for groups getting to know one another.

- Cake Decorating Challenge - Use your decorating skills in this fun activity! Good game for bridal showers and large groups.

- The Cup Game - Follow the motions- and be the last person to stay in the game!

- Duck Duck Goose - Great classic circle game for kindergarten and first graders.

- Everybody's It - Easy 15 - 20 minute game. Brings a new twist to the regular game of tag. Great game for those who like to run around.

- Food Challenge Cook-Off - Great bonding activity for adults. Create a 2-course meal with the secret ingredient.

- Fruit Salad - Good icebreaker game, especially for kids. Easy to learn and play, with little preparation.

- Interview Game - A great icebreaker game, especially for newcomers.

- Mall Scavenger Hunt - Fun game to play with a medium to large group. Photo scavenger hunt at a mall!

- Marshmallow Toss - Catch as many marshmallows in your mouth before the time runs out!

- Musical Chairs - Fast-paced indoor game for children- Chairs required.

- The Number Game - Work as a team to display the numbers as quickly as possible.

- Picture Guess - Guess the secret word or phrase using only your teammate's drawing.

- Purses, Pockets, and Wallets - Quickly search your purses, pockets, and wallets for the called item. Great team game.

- Seagulls and Crows - Great active game for kids. Try to tag as many people on the other team- or be tagged.

- Snowball Fight - Let it snow! This is an active game for children.

- Spoons - Get four of a kind and grab a spoon! Fast-paced card game that everyone can play.

- Steal the Bacon - Your mission is to steal the bacon. But watch out or else your enemy might steal it instead!

- Team Spoons - Work with your partner to call out "spoons"- or catch your opponents' signals!

- Telephone Pictionary - Similar to the game of telephone! See how distorted the flip books become as each person goes through it.

- Toilet Paper Mummy - Wrap someone in toilet paper as quickly and neatly as possible!

- Where the Wind Blows - Great icebreaker group game- find out what people have never done before.

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