Faith Trust Walk

Name of Group Game: Faith Trust Walk




Small Group (3 - 9 people)


Medium Group (10 - 19 people)


Age: Elementary School

Time: 15 - 20 minutes

Summary: Lead your teammate to the end of the room using only your voice.

Goal: To teach the children to learn to listen and follow God's voice, even when other voices are calling.

- Two blindfolds
- Chairs

How to Play the Faith Trust Walk Game:
1. Arrange the chairs like an obstacle course within the room. Split everyone into two equally numbered teams. Ask for one volunteer from each team to go first.

2. Explain that the object of the game is to lead the volunteers to the end of the room using only their voices. The members of the team can walk alongside the volunteer and provide directions. However, the opposing team can also try to trick the other volunteer by giving false directions. The volunteer that reaches the end of the room the first wins a point for their team. If a volunteer touches or runs into a chair, then the person takes off his or her blindfold and is out for the round.

3. Blindfold the two volunteers. Spin the volunteers two or three times and start the game. Have the group members tell their volunteers instructions.

4. Once the round is over, ask for another volunteer from each team to go next. This goes on until a team reaches five points and wins the game.

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