Heads Up Seven Up

Name of Group Game: Heads Up Seven Up



Medium Group (14 - 19 people)


Large Group (20 + people)


Age: Elementary School

Time: 15 - 20 minutes

Summary: Classic game to play in the classroom!

Goal: Guess the person who press your thumb.

- Best played in a classroom with desks

How to Play the Heads Up Seven Up Game:
1. Ask for seven volunteers. Have the volunteers stand in front of the room.

2. Say "Heads down, thumbs up". The children who were not selected covers their eyes with their arm and puts their heads down on their desks, with one thumb sticking up.

3. Once everyone's heads are down, each volunteer must go up to a person, secretly press their thumb, and walk back to the front of the room.

4. After the volunteers return to the front of the room, say "heads up, seven up!". Ask the seven children whose thumbs were pressed to stand up. Each child must guess which volunteer pressed his or her thumb. If the person is correct, then the volunteer sits down and the winner takes the volunteer's place in the front. If the person is incorrect, then the volunteer remains at the front of the room.

5. The game continues again with the new set of volunteers.

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