Kick The Can

Name of Group Game: Kick The Can





Medium Group (14 - 19 people)


Large Group (20 + people)


Age: Middle School – Adult

Time: 15 - 25 minutes

Summary: Fun active game to play on a large empty field or gym- especially for teenagers.

Goal: To knock over or kick the can. If you're "it", you want to prevent the can from being knocked over or kicked.

- A large gym or flat playing area
- An empty, washed can of food or empty water bottle

How to Play the Kick The Can Game:
1. Ask for four volunteers and designate them to be "it" (Note: You can change this number based on the overall number of people playing). The people who are "it" must protect the can from being knocked over or kicked. If the can is kicked, then the people who are "it" lose the game.

2. Everyone else tries to knock over or kick the can. If a person who is "it" tags them at any time throughout the game, the person is out of the game.

3. If someone manages to "kick the can", everyone else wins the game. If the people who are "it" manages to tag everyone, then they win the game. If the people who are "it" also manages to protect the can for 15 minutes, they win the game.

Different Variation:
If you have a large group, you can designate more people to be "it" and have multiple cans around the field. No one can move the cans after you've set the cans down.

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