Medium Outdoor Group Games (10 - 19 people)


- Balloon Stomp - Pop! Try to stomp on each other's balloons. Be the only team left with your balloons intact!

- The Blob - Active game for kids- If the Blob touches you, you'll be part of the Blob.

- Duck Duck Goose - Great classic circle game for kindergarten and first graders.

- Duct Tape Game - Tape your teammate on a wall using duct tape!

- Electricity - Squeeze your teammate's hand as quickly as possible- only if the coin comes up as heads!

- Everybody's It - Easy 15 - 20 minute game. Brings a new twist to the regular game of tag. Great game for those who like to run around.

- Freeze Tag - Active, fun game for kids. Get away from the people who are "it", or else you'll be frozen!

- Human Knot - As a team, untangle yourselves to form a full circle again.

- Kick The Can - Fun active game to play on a large empty field or gym- especially for teenagers.

- Line Tag - Fun gym game for kids- everyone has to run on the lines to play.

- Marshmallow Toss Game - Catch as many marshmallows in your mouth before the time runs out!

- The Number Game - Work as a team to display the numbers as quickly as possible.

- Over Under Game - Over, under, over, under... try to pass the ball through the line as quickly as possible!

- Seagulls and Crows - Great active game for kids- Try to tag as many people on the other team- or be tagged.

- Spud - This is the perfect outdoor field game to play with kids.

- Steal the Bacon - Your mission is to steal the bacon. But watch out or else your enemy might steal it instead!

- Telephone Charades - Funny icebreaker game, especially for larger groups. Easy to learn and play, with little preparation.

- Toilet Tag - If you're tagged, you have to pretend that you're a toilet!

- Water Balloon Race with Waterbottle - Summer water balloon game to play out in a field.

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