Name The Other Half

Name of Group Game: Name The Other Half



Small Group (3 - 9 people)


Large Group (20 + people)


Age: Adults

Time: 10– 15 minutes


Download FREE List:



Summary: Name the person's significant other!

Goal: To have the most correct answers.

- Pen and paper for each person playing
- Download and print the List

How to Play the Name The Other Half Game:
1. Hand everyone a pen and paper. Ask everyone to number their paper from 1 - 20.

2. You will provide the name of a person (for example, Fred Flintstone). Everyone has to write down the name of the person's significant other (answer: Wilma Flintstone). Using the downloaded list, go through all of the names.

3. Afterwards, provide the answers. Each correct answer is one point. The person with the most points wins the game.

- This is a great game to play while the bride-to-be is opening her gifts. Between gift-opening, you can provide everyone the name and time for everyone to write down the significant other.

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