Purses, Pockets, and Wallets- Bridal Shower

Name of Group Game: Purses, Pockets, and Wallets- Bridal Shower



Medium Group (10 - 19 people)


Large Group (20 + people)


Age: Adults

Time: 15 – 20 minutes


Download FREE List:



Summary: Search your purses, pockets, and wallets for the listed items! Great individual game, especially for people who don't know each other well.

Goal: Collect the most points!

- Download and print the list (one list per person)
- Pens for each person
- Prize for the winner (prize suggestions: $15 gift card to the movies, spa/salon, Nordstrom, local restaurant, or coffee shop, coffee mug, makeup/lip balm set)

How to Play Purses, Pockets, and Wallets- Bridal Shower Game:
1. Give a list and pen to each person.

2. Explain the game. Each person needs to search their purses, pockets, and wallets to find the items listed. If a person finds an item, they can check it off the list. Each item has points associated with the item.

3. Give the group around 10-15 minutes to search for the items. Afterwards, start by asking "who has more than ____ points?" The person with the most points wins the game and receives a prize.

Variation: To add a personalized twist, add a different section for "special items in the bride-to-be's purse". Give away another prize for the person who has the most items in this list.

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