Safety Pin Game

Name of Group Game: Safety Pin Game



Small Group (3 - 9 people)


Large Group (20 + people)


Age: Adults

Time: 10– 15 minutes

Summary: Get as many safety pins as quickly as possible- blindfolded!

Goal: Find the safety pins as quickly as you can, while blindfolded.

- One large bowl filled with rice
- 50 metal safety pins
- Timer
- Chart
- Prize

How to Play the Safety Pin Game:
1. Place and mix the safety pins in the bowl or rice.

2. Ask for a volunteer. Blindfold the person. When you say "go", the person has to find as many safety pins as they can within 30 seconds.

3. Say "go" and time the person for 30 seconds. Afterwards, count how many safety pins the person found. Write their name and number on the chart for everyone to see. Repeat the game with any other volunteer. The person who finds the most safety pins within 30 seconds wins the prize.

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