Twenty Questions

Name of Group Game: Twenty Questions



Other (Car game)



Small Group (3 - 9 people)


Age: 2nd - 3rd grade

Time: 10 minutes








Summary: Identify the secret word by asking questions.

Goal: Identify the secret word within twenty questions or less.

How to Play the Twenty Questions Game:
1. Have everyone sit down in a group.

2. Explain the game. You will have an object, animal, or place in mind. The kids will try to guess the secret word by asking only "Yes" or "No" questions (for example: "Is the object larger than a coin?" is acceptable because the answer is either yes or no. The question "What color is the object" is not acceptable because it cannot be answered with a yes or no). If the group guesses the object within asking twenty yes/no questions, the group wins. If the group cannot figure out the object by twenty questions, then the game is over.

3. Have each of the kids ask a question and try to guess what the object is. After someone guesses the answer, start the game again with a new object.

- This game can be played quickly in the car to pass time.

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